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Green Peel


Beauty in harmony with nature.  Three ways to more beautiful and healthy skin.

Our skin is complex, and luckily, so is the potential for GREEN PEEL herbal peeling treatment.  Dr. Christine Schrammek-Drusio has consistently improved the GREEN PEEL herbal peeling treatment over the years.  The result is a dermatologically inspired natural treatment method, which makes it possible to individually adapt treatment plans to your skin type and condition, with different amounts of herbal compounds.

Whether gently refreshing, actively revitalizing or intensively peeling – you decide the goal of the treatment after you have been thoroughly examined by highly trained and qualified staff at Monterella Boutique and Spa.

GREEN PEEL:  FRESH UP/ $150.00 1 Hour treatment

Illuminate your skin.  The soft treatment, for greater freshness and radiance.  For an immediately visibly lift or as a treatment application.

GREEN PEEL:  ENERGY / $210.00 1 Hour treatment

Stimulate your skin.  The vitality and regeneration kick for your skin.  For targeted problem solving through regenerative support.

GREEN PEEL:  CLASSIC/ $500.00 2 Hour treatment (in 2 sessions of 1 hour each, includes product kit)

Renew your skin.  The successful method worldwide for over 50 years.