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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal – this is the treatment that removes unwanted hair on any parts of body by using light based technology. It is also an effective, non-invasive procedure that permanently stops hair growth on the area that is treated. Laser Hair Removal requires 5-6 treatments to be effective. Each treatment removes a progressive percentage of the hair until ultimately the skin becomes smooth and hair free.

Laser - By ELOS

elos™ Technology is an extremely popular system used in long term hair reduction. It has enjoyed success due to its ability to be used with almost all hair and skin types (whereas, in the past, laser hair removal technologies were often limited to only candidates that met exacting requirements). 

elos™ Technology works by using advanced optical energy systems directed at sites where hair reduction is desired. elos™ preheats the target area using optical energy, creating a thermal path that radio frequency (RF) waves then travel on. RF is directed toward hair follicles (which are unable to conduct RF waves) until the follicle is damaged to the point of being disabled. A disabled follicle is unable to grow hair and, with repeated treatments, long term hair reduction in the target area is achieved.

Available for men and women. Treatment results vary from person to person.  Please book a free consultation to discuss treatment information, recommendations, pricing and packages.

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